Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Attachment and Accessories

Swivel Vise
6 1/2" Flame hardened Vise with swivel base

Universal Dividing Head
w/40 to 1 ratio Universal model with gears to drive from left side of machine table. Supplied with tailstock, indexing plates for manual operation rapid index featur and tailstock.

Infinite Variable Power Feed Unit

Way Covers
Covers are bellow design, made of neoprene coated material; Covers the ways top of knee and column.

Riser Block
Use to obtain clearance for very large workpieces. Riser blocks extends the height range 4"-8"-12" are easily mounted to the colulmn of the machine with four bolts.

Rotary Tables
These tables can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, suppolied with 3 dividing plates. A wide range of angular divisions can be made using a index plated having several circles of equal rotation of the workpiece to within 20 seconds of arc.

Slotter Tool Kit
Slotter Tool Kit with 7 shaping tools and 3 bit holders.

"Slotter" Vertical Shaping Attachment
The 3/4 HP vertical shaping head performs intricate shapes. Rear mounted, may be swung into place to perform light shaping operations. Adjusted to any vertical or compound angle to the table, can produce shapes which normally requires special broach. It is a must in cases of blind holes. It is mounted on the ram rear and can be rotated 180° to position it over the table for usage. 4" stroke from 80-420 spm.


Lagun H.D. Geared Power Feeds
8 speed

Multi Angle Attachment
(all Angle Head)
Supplements the Right Angle Attachment. Any corner with a small radius can be finished milled. The unit is supplied with 3 collets of 1/8"-3/16-1/4". Rotational speed is increased 50%.
Available for R-8, #30, and #40 taper.

Power Draw Bars
Air operated

Precision Ground Ball Screws
X-Y with support

Right Angle Head
Designed to simplify right angle work by reducing the need of special tooling and difficult fixtures. Ideal for cavities and pocket jobs. It as aligning pads for quick positioning. Available for R-8, #30, and #40 taper.

Arbor Support and Mill Arbor
For use with right angle attachment for horizontal milling. Support features needle bearings.

Collet Chuck with 12 Collets
For 40 Taper

Digtial Read Out (DRO)
2,3, and 4 axis systems from Acu-rite®, Anilam®, Newallu®, and Sony®. Resolutions of 0.0005", 0.0002", or 0.0001 professionally installed.

Electric Power Draw-Bar

Erickson Quick Change Lock
Nut and Wrench


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