Monday, July 14, 2008

Milling Safety Practices

Milling machines, like all machine tools, should be cleaned after each work session. A medium width paint brush may be used to remove accumulated chips.

CHIPS are RAZOR SHARP; do NOT use your hand to remove them. NEVER remove chips with compressed air. The flying chips may injure you or a nearby person.

If cutting oil was used, the oily mist produced by the compressed air is highly flammable. If ignited by an open flame, it can produce explosive results. Finish by wiping down the machine with a soft cloth.

The following procedures are suggested for the safe operation of a milling machine.
Become thoroughly familiar with the milling machine before attempting to operate it. When in doubt, obtain additional instructions.

1.) Wear appropriate clothing and approved safety glasses!

2.) Stop the machine before attempting to make adjustments or measurements!

3.) Get help to move any heavy machine attachments, such as a vise, dividing head, rotary table, or large work.

4.) Stop the machine before trying to remove accumulated chips.

5.) Never reach over or near a rotating cutter!

6.) Be sure the work holding device is mounted solidly to the table, and the work is held firmly.

7.) Spring or vibration in the work can cause thin cutters to jam and shatter!

8.) Avoid talking with anyone while operating a machine tool, nor allow anyone to turn your machine on for you.

9. )Keep the floor around your machine clear of chips and wipe up spilled fluid immediately! Place sawdust or special oil absorbing compound on slippery floors.

10.) Be thoroughly familiar with the placement of the machine's STOP switch or lever.

11.) Treat any small cuts and skin punctures as potential infections! Clean them thoroughly. Apply antiseptic and cover injury with a bandage. Report any injury, no matter how minor, to your instructor or supervisor.

12.) Never "fool around" when operating a milling machine! Keep your mind on the job and be ready for any emergency!


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