Monday, July 14, 2008

Milling Machine Care

Machines are almost same like human. Human needs care in order to have a better life and health, then this also can be applied to the machines. If we use a machine without caring about it, certainly it will break down someday. What if we do care about the machine? Will the machine's life span be longer? The answer for this question is YES! If a machine with good care, the performance of the machine will be as good as a new machine. Besides that, the life span will also be longer and this will save up the cost of getting a new machine. So here are some tips of taking good care of milling machine. Have a look below:

1.) Check and lubricate the machine with the recommended lubricants.

2.) Clean the machine thoroughly after each job. Use a brush to remove chips. Never attempt to clean the machine while it is running.

3.) Keep the machine clear of tools.

4.) Check each setup for adequate clearance between the work and the various parts of the machine.

5.) NEVER force a cutter into a collet or holder. Check to see why it does not fit properly.

6.) Use a sharp cutter. Protect your hands when mounting it.

7.) Have ALL guards in place before attempting to operate a milling machine.

8.) Start the machining operation only after you are sure that everything is in satisfactory working condition. It may be necessary to make special fixtures to hold odd shapes and difficult to mount work.

9.) Use attachments designed for the machine.

WARNING! Do NOT attempt to feel the machined surface while the cut is in progress or while the cutter is rotating. Stop the machine before making measurements and adjustments.


Aliza Jamess said...

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Rj Maan said...

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